6"x6"x6" Gymnastic Pit Foam Cubes/Blocks 168 pcs (Lime Green)

  • High-Quality Flame Retardant Polyurethane Foam Cubes/Blocks Made in the USA, 1.5 # density, 36 ILD
  • Colorful Gymnastic Foam Pit Cubes/Blocks, Flame Retardant Blocks/Cubes, Excellent Energy Absorption, and Cushion
  • 168 Piece/Pieces Gymnastics Pit Foam Cubes to cushions the landing of gymnasts jumping or tumbling
  • Foam cubes offer a variety of applications and uses, including: Gymnastic Facilities and Gyms, Trampoline Parks, Motorcycle, BMX, FMX and Skateboard Foam Pits, Indoor Rock Climbing Trampoline Pits
  • Children play foam blocks
  • 5 Business day handling time
  • ·         *** CARE INSTRUCTION ***

    We pack our foam blocks into tightly compressed bundles order to save you money on shipping costs *** CARE INSTRUCTION *** FOAM PACKAGES NEED TO BE OPENED IMMEDIATELY ONCE YOU RECEIVE THE PACKAGE. DO NOT LET THE FOAM SIT UNOPENED FOR MORE THAN 1 WEEK IN ORDER TO PREVENT DAMAGE! DO NOT OPEN WITH A BOX CUTTER! USE A BALL POINT PEN OR PENCIL. START BY MAKING A LITTLE INCISION AND BREAK IT FROM THERE. When unpacking *** Must take the compressed foam Blocks/Cubes out of the box *** Separate Each Block/Cube for the compressed foam cells to breathe in the air *** You should see foam Blocks/Cubes starting to expand in 4 to 7 hours to its form and firmness *** Allow at least 2 to 4 days for the foam cells to breathe in order for the foam Blocks/Cubes recover its original size and form from being compressed for shipping *** We compress everything down to the most economical size to keep our shipping cost down.